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Hita's Okuzashiki, an inn where tradition and modernity are in harmony

  • A small hot spring village in the mountains about 10 minutes by car from the city of Hita.This facility is the only inn in Kotohira Onsen.In front of you, you can enjoy the Takase River, where sweetfish swim, and in the background, you can enjoy the abundant hot springs that nestle in the laid-back nature of thickets."I want you to leave your busy life and spend your time relaxing in an old-fashioned Japanese space." The owner, who had such a desire, took 15 years from conception to completion. "Kayausagi"We look forward to welcoming you to the harmony of nature as it is, the design of good old things, and the hospitality of ingenuity.

Benevolent to the changing seasons

  • Chikugo River site that stretches Chikugo River the tributary of the Chikugo River has a simple appearance that retains the original scenery of Japan, but it is also a beautiful place where you can feel the changes in Kacho Fugetsu from day to day.When spending time at our inn, take a walk along the pavement along the Takase River River and the mossy garden that stretches like weaving the accommodation building.As you move forward, you will be fascinated by small changes that you would not normally notice, and you will realize that your five senses are becoming more sensitive.

Beautiful antiques arranged everywhere

  • Most of the furnishings are rare antiques carefully selected from the vast collection of their masters.The items that give a glimpse of the humor of the craftsmen in the sophisticated and delicate handicrafts are beautiful just by being there, and you will never get tired of looking at them.The still-active and attractive antiques will surely give you a fresh impression and brilliance in your stay.

Tailoring as a fitting that can live over time

  • The 140-year- Former Takeuchi House main building is a building that inherited the Former Takeuchi House that was originally located here.The interior of this facility, which has been reconstructed using the fittings of the Taisho era as much as possible, such as sliding doors with diamond glass fitted in an elaborate wooden frame and finely carved columns, has the taste of an old folk house over the years. Once you step in, you can enjoy the feeling of a time trip.

Hotel Facility Information

  • The concept of our inn is "Enjoy the old life surrounded by good old things".The retro appearance and comfortable tranquility can be felt not only in the guest rooms but also in the entire site.Among them, the hearth room adjacent to the lobby is a popular space filled with nostalgic air.Please spend a time surrounded by warmth and relief as if you were visiting your hometown.

Enjoy looking for a rabbit

  • At our inn, the decorative tiles that are the origin of the shop name are at the top, and the rabbit motifs are arranged everywhere indoors and outdoors.All of the rabbits listed on this page are located in a shared space that can be used by all guests.Explore the antiques of the main building and admire the moss in the garden.

    The decorative tiles of the rabbit, which can be said to be the symbol of "Kayausagi, " are displayed at the eaves at the entrance of the hotel.The pattern called "Nami Usagi", which shows how a rabbit plays with the waves, is one of the classic patterns along with plums and 鶯, maple and deer, clouds and dragons, and is one of the classic patterns. It is often used for patterns such as.The adorable rabbit is prolific and flies around vigorously, so it is said to be a lucky charm that symbolizes prosperity and leap, and has been displayed in the shrine precincts since ancient times.