Notification of New Corona Support

At this facility, we are disinfecting the facilities inside the facility as the new corona infection spreads.
In connection with this, please refrain from staying in the following cases.
・Those who have a cold symptom or a fever of 37.5 degrees or higher for more than 2 days
・Those who have strong dullness or dyspnea (dyspnea)
・Those who have seen or taken medication due to fever or cold symptoms within the past 2 weeks
・Those who have visited the area or country where the infection is spreading within 2 weeks

Notice of resumption of "New Oita Travel Discount"

  • 【Notice of resumption of new Oita Travel Discount】

    The business of "New Oita Travel Discount" has been extended.

    We are also continuing to introduce vaccines and testing packages.
    (Please cooperate in presenting a valid PCR certificate or a certificate of vaccination taken 3 times or more on the day.)
    Details can be found on the Official website of "New Oita Travel Discount".
    Target period:Reservations and travel from September 1, 2020 (Thursday) to October 10, 2020 (Monday) Reservations by phone or Official website are eligible.

    (Travel agencies and OTAs will start as soon as each company is ready.Please check each site.)

The hot spring "Kotohira Onsen Yumesansui" is also popular.

  • We also have a variety of family baths that avoid the three crowds.

    At Kotohira Onsen Yumesansui, a sister store that is a 5-minute walk from our inn, you can stop by and enjoy a bath and a meal.From family baths that avoid three crowds to open-air baths, you can easily enjoy various hot springs and authentic handmade soba noodles, so it is also popular as a short break spot during the drive.

    In addition, guests staying at this inn can take a free bath in the open-air bath of "Kotohira Onsen Yumesansui" only during their stay.

Bamboo lanterns and lanterns create a fantastic night

  • How about one lantern for traveling at night?

    After the sun goes down, the bamboo lanterns will light up at the front door.The fantastic atmosphere where the candles flicker and flicker matches the nostalgic atmosphere of our inn, and has been well received by our guests.Also, please use lanterns when traveling at night.Craftsman maker of lanterns ornaments summer of traditional event of Hita Hita Gion Festival" is, is a real lantern that each one carefully tailoring.It is also nice to pick up an item that is familiar to yukata and take a walk along the river.

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Reservations and Inquiries

Please contact us if you have any questions.